Edge Flow for modo 901+

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For the most up-to-date release, please look at EdgeFlow 2.0 for modo 12+

EdgeFlow is a C++ tool available for modo 901 and above*, that emulates maya's edge flow tool.

Available for win64 and osX.

*Tested with modo 902, 10, 11 and the latest modo12 beta.

To install:
- Simply drag 'n drop the .lpk file into modo.
- Rename the .lpk file to .zip. Extract and move the content into your kits folder.

License Types

Two types of Licenses are available: Indie and Studio.

Both have the same exact functionalities, with no restriction: you can use it on unlimited nodes, for commercial products.

“Unlimited nodes” means that you can install it anywhere, and have multiple users working on multiple PCs at the same time.

The only difference is, if you are a company with a revenue above 300000 (three hundred thousands) euros/year*, you have to buy the Studio license.

Both are permanent licenses.

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Edge Flow for modo 901+

7 ratings
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