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Geo From Curves (modo kit)

30 ratings

WARNING for osX Catalina users:
If you updated to Catalina, unfortunately Gatekeeper will prevent you from running this kit.

If you still want to purchase GeoFromCurves for OSX, here a workaround to run uncertified software:
1) Launch the app you're trying to run and aknowledge the Gatekeeper warning that prevents the app from running.
2) Head to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General and look for a note at the bottom of the screen about an app launch being denied.
3) Click on "Open Anyway" to bypass Gatekeeper and launch the app.

This product works on Modo® 11.2 and above

Please watch the Launch Trailer
Tutorial available here.
Follow the official thread here.

Geo From Curves is a kit for Modo®, the powerful and flexible 3D modeling, texturing and rendering toolset from Foundry.

This plugin will allow you to extrude planes along curves, with the ability to adjust Scale, Twist and Bend indipendently, for quick real-time hair generation.

You can generate UV coords presets as well, and assign them to single strips with a simple click.

Other tools included in the kit: "Curve to Bg Tool" and "Curve Thinning Tool".

The plugin has been compiled for win64 and osX.

License Types

Two types of Licenses are available: Indie and Studio.

Both have the same exact functionalities, with no restriction: you can use it on unlimited nodes, for commercial products.

“Unlimited nodes” means that you can install it anywhere, and have multiple users working on multiple PCs at the same time.

The only difference is, if you are a company with a revenue above 1000000 (1M) euros/year*, you have to buy the Studio license.

Both are permanent licenses.

The activation is online.

*(Total Revenue. For different currencies, the averaged yearly conversion will apply).

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(30 ratings)
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Geo From Curves (modo kit)

30 ratings
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